The Feminine Grandeur Collection is an assemblage of approximately 60 works, both from previous collections and created specifically for a solo-exhibition at Elisabet Ney Museum, in Austin, TX— on display September through November 2018.

Artist Statement about the collection:

“Rich with pomp and lavishness, I invite you to witness a visual storytelling of ‘feminine grandeur’. Small pieces chronicle everyday splendor from the female perspective, while larger works narrate elaborate accolades and veneration of immortal women. Beginning with striking black & white photographs of mostly anonymous women from the past, I employ a variety of media— acrylic, fiber, pastels, gold leaf, collage— to layer and build visual stories full of iconography and symbolism. I use these materials to glorify women into spiritual superstars, a soul moving contemporary depiction of the narrative women share.”

Read a review of “Feminine Grandeur” by Marisa Carpenter in The Austin Chronicle:

Feminine Grandeur.png

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